Don’t Count Me Out

Don’t Count Me Out


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Piece Exclusives

  • Single Piece of its Kind (Will not be replicated)
  • Custom Gold Identification Card Number
  • 24 x 36 Vertical CanvasĀ 
  • Vibrant Eco-Safe Dye Used
  • Official Behind The Art Story License



Bitches love color palettes

The purpose of this series was to involve blasts of color with depictions of various women.  Each color used signifies the strength of femininity of that HEX Code. Colors are know to change the alpha brain waves and an EEG is capable of showing how men and women react differently to colors. Each piece in the “Bitches Love Color Palettes” section has carefully selected color palettes that provide a different emotion to the viewer based on their masculinity & femininity values.

Colors reveal themselves by reflecting light. The amount of light a color absorbs and returns is called its light reflective value. A color’s hue can create distinct shades and tints of blue, red and yellow in endless combinations of masculine and feminine colors. The results yield masculine colors such as navy, pewter and russet, while providing a full color pallet of feminine colors that can span from apricot to zinnia.SFGATE

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