PREORDER Monesha 100% Pure Silk Scarf


behind the work

90″ x 90″ (cm) 100% Pure Silk Scarf.

Monesha, known as the Black Mona Lisa, is a mesmerizing figure who radiates grace and strength. Born in the heart of Renaissance Florence, Monesha defied societal norms with her intelligence and resilience. Her captivating gaze reflects the wisdom of generations and the confidence she found within herself. She emerged as a beacon of empowerment for Black women, her portrait immortalizing the beauty and depth of her spirit. In a world that often sought to silence her, Monesha’s serene smile speaks volumes, reminding us that strength and confidence are timeless, transcending the constraints of history and celebrating the rich tapestry of human experience.


This product is a handmade product silk spun in Italy.  All products will be shipped out by July 4th, 2024

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